Hi- Rise Cleaning

High Rise Cleaning is the cleaning of architectural glass used for structural, lighting, or decorative purposes. It can be done manually, using a variety of tools for cleaning and access.Automation or Newer technology are being deployed to reduce dependency of the system and reduce risk.

Our Solutions For Hi-Rise Cleaning

  • Automated building cleaning.
  • Dependency on contractors eliminated.
  • Effective uniform Cleaning.
  • Simple 3 stage cleaning process.
  • Contains Charging sockets and also Wi-Fi system can be installed easily.
  • Modular and customised.

    Mechanisms of Hi-Rise Cleaning

  • Winch System (WS):-

    This will work on the roof top of the building and shall contain the complete winch assembly with a trolley to run over a track either horizontally or circular. The winch assembly consists of a WINCH MOTOR (WM), which is an AC single phase geared motor with a brake unit and a roller drum with wire rope. This unit is custom designed. This has in-built reversing facility for up-down movement.

  • Cleaning Unit (CU):

    The cleaning unit will be attached to the wire rope at the centre. The unit will travel from top to bottom & vice-versa on glass windows through winch motor (WM).

Advantages of Hi-Rise Cleaning

  • Fully automatic PLC controlled unmanned system.

  • Eliminating risk of falling thus, saving precious lives.

  • Safe and cost effective.

  • Simple 3 stage cleaning process.

  • Can be customised as per the building design.

  • Dependency on contractors eliminated.


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