3D Laser scanning

3D Laser scanning is a process to capture any solid surface into point form. The purpose of 3D laser scanning is, to make measurement, to Create plot plan, to create 3D Model etc.


  • Automobile
  • Process industries
  • Refinery
  • Offshore facilities
  • Shipping industries
  • Mining
  • Building & Construction
  • Hydropower industry
  • Urban development

How does 3D laser Scanning work:-

3D Laser Scanner Capture data of its surround, up to scanner's laser beam range.

Whatever is visible though our eyes, it captures everything but in 3D point form. While scanning, Scanner left intend the surface which is not visible through scanner, to capture these areas we have to take multiple scans so that full details can be captured.

Benefits of laser Scanning

  • Full digital footprint of the process plant available for future applications.
  • Large plant data scanned without any risk and incidents.
  • Data and 3d model used for ongoing chillers modifications.
  • Virtual access to anyone in XXX through user id and pw.
  • Techdoc accessable through Open source platform Avevanet.
  • Thermal effects can help in reducing Risks of burning and incidence.
  • Help in Training of new employees and external vendors.
  • Future work simplified as any modification can be done virtually by sharing desired areas 3d footprint with external vendors.
  • Engg design and upgrades very much in XXX controls thus delays can be avoided due to vendors cultures.
  • All sites can be integrated in future to have all engineering data in a common platform for easy access to different stake holders.


TITLIS 3D Laser Scanning

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