Renewable Energy

TITLIS Engineering & Projects is also working to protect our mother earth and provide full solution for conservation of energy using renewable energy such as solar, wind and municipal solid waste to help the globe to reduce their carbon footprint and become a green responsible organisation.

    Solar Power System (concept to commissioning)

    Wind Power System

Advantages of solar Tree

  • It needs 5 times lesser space than conventional system.

  • Space below the tree can be used for outdoor meetings, conferencing & Open air gatherings etc.

  • It can be used for Rural & Adult education & training through virtual screen & also for lighting backup at night.

  • Power saved due to solar tree can be diverted to power starving zone by national grid thus helping industrial growth and development in less developed regions.

Hybrid Wind
Solar Tree

The Hybrid Wind Solar Tree is a combination of solar tree and wind tree which produces energy ignoring the direction of the wind and is more efficient.


TITLIS Solar tree

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