Solar Tree

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Features of Solar Tree

  • Solar tree has photovoltaic solar panels which produce Electricity free of cost using solar energy.
  • Solar tree has tilting mechanism and it will rotate once in 60 min duration to harness power from sun.
  • Advertisement Display Board are installed on Solar Tree.
  • LED lights are installed to lighten up the place at night.
  • Contains Charging sockets and also Wi-Fi system can be installed easily.
  • Battery is used to store power generating at day time, which is used at night.

Advantages of solar Tree

  • It needs 5 times lesser space than conventional system.

  • Space below the tree can be used for outdoor meetings, conferencing & open air gatherings etc.

  • It can be used for Rural & adult education & training through virtual screen & also for lighting backup at night.

  • Power thus saved due to solar tree can be diverted to power starving xone by national grid thus helping industrial growth and development in less developed regions.

Mechanism of Solar Tree

  • Linear Actuator provide the Tilting action to North side panels at 23˚ in morning(i.e. at 8:00 am) and keep adjusting.
  • The solar tree will keep rotating with the help of Linear actuator which is used to drive rack & pinion every 30-60 minutes, so that more energy can be optimized from sun.
  • Linear Actuator will be closed again in evening(i.e. at 6:00 pm), and the Solar panels will rest at their original position.
  • PLC is used to operate the stroke of actuators in forward and reverse direction.
  • Batteries will be fully charged with the help of solar energy generated at the daytime and can be used as backup.
  • At the night time the power is utilised for the LED Advertisement Display & for Lighting purpose.


TITLIS Solar tree

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